Out to Grass


There are a number of different ways of owning a racehorse:

Sole Ownership

This is self-explanatory and many people enjoy owning horses that they have bought or in many cases have bred themselves.


Owning a racehorse in Partnership with a few others is a great way to enter the exciting world of racing. It shares the costs and shares the fun.


As a member of a syndicate one can enjoy the benefits of racehorse ownership but with a smaller price tag. 

The Henry Daly Racing Club

Soon to be launched, a fun and exciting way to get involved in racing.


The aim of owning a racehorse is to have fun. We aim to make racehorse ownership fun as well as doing our utmost to ensure it is successful. We can help and advise on the best way for you to own a racehorse and have a number of partnerships and syndicates in the yard.

        Our owners are welcome in the yard at any time and we enjoy being able to show you your horse at work, at rest and at play.