Henry Daly News

October 2017 Update

The yard is now in full swing. The horses started their road work in early July and are now working on the gallops. Due to the rain which inconvenienced the hay making somewhat we have managed to have our first schooling morning on the grass. 


The yard

The summer horses have run well. We never have many but both Pearlita and Miss Mash in particular have flown the flag for us with Pearlita  -pictured here winning at Uttoxeter in September - winning 3 races since May.

 We’ve had a busy time at the sales with some exciting new youngsters coming into the yard this season. But it’s also the time of year to be excited – the horses have done well over the summer and its great to see them really knuckling down to some work.


Henry Daly Racing Club

As mentioned in the last update we will be launching Henry Daly Racing Club this season. We will be hosting an Open Morning at Downton Hall Stables in November. If you are interested in taking a share in the Club then please do book to come along – we’d love to see you and talk to you about our plans.  If you can’t make it but are interested then please email Jane@henrydaly.co.uk.



We have all heard – or some may have experienced – satnav sending you the wrong way. Well imagine our surprise when a supermarket delivery van decided the route suggested by sat nav down the wood chip gallop – yes down the gallop and not along the gravel track beside it – was the way to go. The driver continued with his endeavor past the 5 furlong marker, the 4 furlong marker and only stops to consider this lovely bouncy road may not be leading to the keepers cottage at the brow of the hill before the gallop sets off quite steeply downhill. At this stage, the intrepid driver decides to take on the banks of earth on either side of the gallop in order to make his getaway! Needless to say he ended up stuck on the bank and requiring a tractor to pull him out! Beware satnavs and supermarket delivery vans!